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Sustainability and the need for additional research

Posted on by mbuchmei

If you follow the Urban Growth Seminars, you’ll notice that this spring’s seminars have a theme of sustainability. For this reason, USC’s Center for Sustainable Cities is co-sponsoring the spring seminars.

Fortunately, in our first seminar this spring Dr. Marina Alberti emphasized a very important thing that we need to take into account for all planning, but especially sustainability planning: we need to recognize how much we do not know at the same time as accounting for what we do know. Practically speaking, more research and more vigorous data collection is needed and plans need to be appropriate for a variety of eventualities, not one commonly-agreed-upon “most likely” eventuality. This message should not be viewed by planners as pessimistic, or even fatalistic. Rather, planners should embrace it, as it indicates there is great opportunity in the field of planning and planners should play a greater role in the future of society.

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