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February 9 — Diego Cardoso

“Creating Works of Art in the City and on the Canvas”

 Speaker:  Diego Cardoso

 Painter, Photographer and LA Metro Planner


Diego CardosoOriginally from Cuenca Ecuador, Diego Cardoso has lived in Los Angeles most of his life.  Upon graduation from college, Cardoso spent several years abroad in Europe and South America. While abroad, he studied at the University of Stockholm and the Institute of Political Studies of Paris where he also taught architecture and research methods.  Upon his return to the United States, Cardoso attended UCLA’s graduate school of architecture and planning.  Through obtaining his graduate education and through his own independent studies, Cardoso was able to rekindle his interest in the arts. He began to photograph Los  Angeles and endeavor to explain the city through an artistic viewpoint and lens.  He began to focus on how transportation in Los Angeles conditions its citizens to their environment.  As a Metro planner, Cardoso plans and allocates funding for projects in active transportation such as bicycle pedestrian programs for the Los Angeles County.  His current project is the Gold Line that will run through East Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley.  Cardoso also incorporates his experiences working with LA Metro and his studies on issues of mobility with his work in photography and the arts.


Description of the lecture: In his lecture, Diego Cardoso will examine the specific relationships that are found between how urban environments change the way people experience and create culture and the way they see themselves and how these relationships are demonstrated both in his planning and his art.

Diego Cardoso Artwork


Full-length Recordings: Recordings will be available on YouTube and iTunesU one or two weeks after the seminar.

Flyer – Diego Cardoso

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