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February 17 — Patrick Sharkey

Associate Professor of Sociology at New York University

Urban Neighborhoods and the End of Progress Toward Racial Equality”

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Description: In the 1960s, many believed that the civil rights movement’s successes would foster a new era of Sharkey_editracial equality in America. Four decades later, the degree of racial inequality has barely changed. To understand what went wrong, Patrick Sharkey argues that we have to understand what has happened to African American communities over the last several decades. In Stuck in Place, Sharkey describes how political decisions and social policies have led to severe disinvestment from black neighborhoods, persistent segregation, declining economic opportunities, and a growing link between African American communities and the criminal justice system. Sharkey argues for urban policies that have the potential to create transformative and sustained changes in urban communities and the families that live within them, and he outlines a durable urban policy agenda to move in that direction.

Speaker Biography: Patrick Sharkey is associate professor of sociology at New York University and an affiliated member of the faculty at the Robert F. Wagner School for Public Service. He completed his Ph.D in Sociology and Social Policy at Harvard University.


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